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  Memorial 2003


   Rutgers Corner





   Ben Gurion's reflections on some important issues       

Israel & the Jewish people             Independence & Pioneering           Israel & the Arab states  

             Prime minister & Parties                    the Prophets                  Chinese & Buddhism                 

Read by Norman Wein ( short excerpts from " Ben Gurion looks back in talks with Moshe Pearlman"

 Simon and Schuster New York

Contact Mt Scopus Radio:  radio@mscc.huji.ac.il









the Jewish Music Research Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, providing a variety of services to the music-loving public.






 Bettina Smith & Oded Ben-Horin   picture of bettina and oded  About us           

An early interview about composition, lyrics and musical cooperation.



Joseph Sprintsak - sound artist

accompanied by Jean Claud Jones

excerpts from E E Commings




Interview with Professor Magidor, President of the Hebrew University
by: Shaun Waksman    October 6, 2002




Programs,  Lectures & conferences

The Mystery of Dreams & their Interpretation

Rabi Joel Zeff senior lecturer at the David Shappels College

Recorded on November  2003  at Hecht Lobby


Science and Religion

Professor     William Glaberson .  Physics dept' at the Hebrew University       

also  "Instructor  of Talmud for the Neve Yaakov community." 

Recorded on May 12th  2003  at Hecht Lobby


Rabbi Aaron The Gift of Presence




Press briefing (recorded- 28.jan.2001)

Press briefing for foreign journalists dealing with the Feb. 6 election for prime minister. Analyses were presented about the campaign and the consequences of the election for Israeli- Arab relations and Israeli relations with the U.S  






                                                          Memorial  2003                                      














The Diameter of The Bomb by  Yehuda Amichai    English text     Hebrew text








Dr.  Sanford A. Berman


American Friends of The Hebrew University note with deepest sorrow the loss of Dr. Sanford A. Berman.

A long-standing American Friend, "Dr. B" was beloved for his dedication to The Hebrew University and Israel's people.

Among Dr. B's acts of philanthropy was his generous support for Hebrew University's "Radio Mount Scopus,"

the first student operated university radio station in Israel;

his contributions to the Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein Accessibility Project;

and his gift to augment campus security in the aftermath of the July 31st terrorist attack on Mount Scopus. 

Dr. B's humanitarian legacy will exist in perpetuity, enhancing future generations.

We extend our sympathies to his dear friends, Lana and Michael Jacobson, and to his family and friends

throughout the United States and the State of Israel.

Dr. B. was born on January 10, 1908 in Cleveland, Ohio.

He graduated  from Ohio State University School of Dentistry, was in the armed forces and practiced family dentistry

in Euclid, Ohio. 

He and his late wife, Bette, maintained an active social life and  were affiliated with many Jewish organizations

over the years.

Bette was  active in Hadassah and she and Dr. B. loved travel and enjoyed their homes  in Cleveland and

in Adventura, Florida.

For the past decade and a half, Dr. B. was active in the stock  market, successfully managing his own investments.

He used his successes to fund a myriad of philanthropic projects for such organizations as

The Sight  Center of Greater Cleveland,

Jewish National Fund, Jerusalem Girls Orphanage, Congregation B'nai Jesherun, The Interdisciplinary Center of  Herzliya,

and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. B. has a large extended family of friends and relative in Cleveland,

Connecticut, Colorado, California, Florida, Minnesota and in Israel.

Our good friend Dr. Sanford A. Berman passed away  on (March 06  2003) afternoon

at  Montefiore Home in Beachwood. The funeral service took place on Friday, March, 7, 2003, Noon,

at Berkowitz-Kumin-Bookatz, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.








Rutgers Corner

A creative, collaborative partnership between Rutgers University, New Jersey
and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Radio Multimedia Workshop


       Participents:  Annie Suarez    Erin Medley    Josh Jun     Alon Neuman    Shaun Waksman   

    Here are some impressions of our first encounter

 Erin`s first assignment  text           Annie`s first assignment  text

 Erin`s clip                       Annie`s mix 


                     click pic to get a full view                         


Opinion -Josh Jun

North Korea         The Media         About Greed


We look forward to a creative partnership in producing radio multimedia programs

In our next course we`ll e mail our sound files to one another to be used as raw material for our creative work

Each group will edit and mold this raw material to give it  a fresh  interpretation from a different standpoint







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