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          Mt. scopus studios were dedicated on Monday 18 october 1999 as a center for

          the electronic media studies.

          First as a radio station broadcasting on 106fm-educational frequency of kol Israel.

          But as computers & the internet developed rapidly the activity in the studios did

          not drag it’s heels  and is now  producing programs  intended for publishing via

          youtube, the internet, mainly scientific & research programs:

          “Activities including tv, the internet and etc which were not even dreamed of when

          we initiated  that program…creativity that meets the needs of today's  students.”

          In Mr Norman Wain’s  words, summing up his visit in the studios on june 2010.

          The studios were established due to his initiative. Mr wain is a Cleveland Radio Operator and

          Jewish Community leader. His enthusiasm encouraged the Jewish Community in Cleveland, Ohio,

          to fund this innovative teaching project.

          The dedication took place with the participation of Norman and Nina Wain and a mission from the

          Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland.  Dr. Sanford A. Berman of Cleveland, who visited the

          station  with members of his family several days

          prior to the dedication, was a particularly generous contributor to the studios’ construction.

          A plaque dedicated to the memory of his wife, Bette Lippa Berman, and other family members

          was dedicated during the visit.


Broadcasting on 106fm (until 2011) the educational frequency of kol yisrael, was part of the staj-workshop. Today we record  programs mainly for listening on demand. Students have a completely free hand & choice in producing their musical programs, indi / rock and modern style. Also jazz, folk, ladino and brazilian music. We invite guests to take part in our work, musicians, artists & d j s.

We have two active studios, one of which is used as a classroom, plus editing rooms, listening & viewing booths and other facilities. 
A special committee supported and advised  the build of the studios in the beginning  composed of three professors from the Noah Mozes Department of Communication and Journalism - Prof. Hanna Adoni,  Prof. Gadi Wolfsfeld  and Prof. Tamar Liebes - and two professionals –  Motti Barakan director of the studios & a television produer/director, and Dan Kaner, a well known  Radio announcer

Giving the students practical, hands-on experience  is the main objective of the station also maintaining a link between the theoretical and applied studies.


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      Editing  Musical Programs for the Radio.




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We broadcast on the internet, live and on demand.
The station is operated by students of the Hebrew University, offering mainly music.
0ur archive offers programs and lectures on demand including archived programs such as the debate on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict between Elyakim Ha-Etzni and Moshe Negbi and the public symposium regarding mandatory draft for all - orthodox and secular Jews. Also  Conferences and Lectures. 


About seventy five students participate in our workshops. They learn how to operate the digital equipment by themselves.
The workshops expose students to a wide range of fields within the professional world. These workshops are taught by some of the top professionals in Israel who work in the field of communication providing students with the training they need to compete in the job market
The following workshops are operating during the academic year

Editing  Musical Programs for the Radio
this workshop deals with the role of the musical editor, ways to design and organize musical material, and the use of music in preparing various kinds of programs. During the workshop, general introductions on a wide variety of music types are given, and the students are familiarized with musical instruments and the means at the disposal of the editor. Open discussions are held on various approaches to editing, with emphasis on developing a personal style. During the workshop, examples are presented, and joint exercises are carried out by workshop students and the teacher.

This workshop is designed to impart  self confidence and skills for successful communication in the electronic media. Emphasis is placed on exercises, recording and criticism: Reading, improvising,
interviewing and debating. The various types of presentations are dealt with – from reading the news to a light-music presentation ,commercials, and acting.  Ways to mark a text  and the rules of correct pronunciation with phonetic marking methods.


This workshop is designed for those who want to explore the professional and creative aspects of writing for both media.  We study Films, TV short dramas, and radio plays. Also documentaries and interviews, side by side with intensive practical exercises.



The combination of writing, recording, editing and producing 1 hour program gives the participant  vital experience and basic knowledge. The students learn how to operate the equipment by themselves. They record and edit their products on computers, conduct telephone interviews and edit  musical programs. Important part of the instructional work in this workshop is being done with advanced multimedia tutorials.


Another activity that is taking place within the studios is organizing tours for soldiers and pupils. We introduce them to the new concept of Radio - Multimedia.
Mt. Scopus studios assist other departments at the university in recording & editing their conferences and instructional programs.
Another special activity is done with  talented students,  producing radio plays.

The activity at  Mount Scopus studios provides ways to raise the level of journalism in Israel by allowing its talented students the opportunity to develop their creative skills within a rich  nurturing   environment.


    List of Donors  

Dedicated to the students of the Hebrew University By:

The Berman Lippa endowment found of Cleveland:

The Jewish Community of Cleveland And Nina & Norman Wain

In memory of his wife Bette Lippa Dedicated by Dr. Sanford A. Berman















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