TULLIVER:  Gritty.  Good day to you.  GRITTY:  Brother.  Will you come in?  TULLIVER:   I've not the time.  Thank you.  Sister, I've need of the three-hundred pounds I leant you. GRITTY: Oh.  We've had another bad year, brother, I can't deny that.  TULLIVER:  I said you'd come to grief marrying that man.  Never had a penny, never will.  I mortgaged my mill to pay for your dowry.  And then I leant him three-hundred pounds. GRITTY: Oh, we'll have to sell up.  I don't know where else to find it.  TULLIVER : My wife's sister's demanded the five-hundred pounds I borrowed from her.  And there's the expense of my son's education.  GRITTY: And how are your two, Edward? TULLIVER:  Both well, thank you.  GRITTY: You must bring them.  Maggie especially.  She's such a loving child.  And so quick and clever.  TULLIVER:  Takes after our family.  None of her mother's in her.  Don't you fret, Gritty.  I'll manage without that money for a little while longer.