BETTY:  Kezia!  Kezia!  Where's that girl?  Maggie!  Maggie! Look at you.  My sisters are all arriving and you're not even dressed.  Folks'll think it's a judgement on me, having such a daughter as you.  They'll think I've done something wicked.    MAGGIE: Cousin Lucy                              SOPHY:  Oh, Maggie, dear, how are you?     MAGGIE: Well, aunt Sophy.  We've seen some otters, baby ones, along the river.     BETTY: Oh, sister, welcome.  How lovely to see you.  'Scuse me.  Look at you.  Shame!  Why can't  you look like your cousin Lucy, all neat and pretty with her fair curls.  When you come down I want you to get on with  your patchwork bedcover.  The Glegg.  Like a little lady.   MAGGIE:  It's foolish!  Tearing up pieces of cloth and then sowing them back together again!  BETTY:  Sister    SOPHY:  She died but yesterday, her legs as thick as my body.  BETTY:  Oh, sister Sophy.  JANE: Good day.   GLEGG:  Kezia    JANE:  Thank you.  Sister Sophy, what's the matter?   BETTY:  It is a neighbour.  She took ill and died.  DEANE:   Woman of the village.  Dropsy.  Severe swelling of the legs of course.  Very bad business.   JANE:  But not someone to whom you were close,  I don't believe Sister Sophy?  Not family?    SOPHY:  No.  But it did upset me so - there but for the Grace of God                                        JANE: Come now.  DEANE: Tom, my boy.   TOM:  Hello Lucy, hello uncle Deane.  DEANE:  Well?   BETTY: Oh, calm yourself, sister Sophy...   TOM: Going over to the Floss later, you must come.   LUCY:  I'm not allowed.                                        TOM: I know where there are otters.   LUCY:   Maggie told me.   TOM:  She doesn't know.  We'll just go, the two of us.  We won't tell Maggie.  I'll take you to the river and I'll show you where the otters are.  MAGGIE:  Tom.  Here!    TOM:  She's mad   JANE:  Half past one, indeed.   BETTY:  Mr Tulliver does generally like it at two, so I thought    JANE:   Sister Betty.  Dodsons have dinner at one.  That girl's hair be better thinned.  And shorter.   Bad for her health to have it so long.   SOPHY:  No, it's not in our family, is it Sister Jane - unkempt hair. TOM:  Maggie!  Huh!  You'll catch it, you will.   MAGGIE:  Do it!